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Coinbase Adds 50 New Cryptocurrencies in an Expansion Bid
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November 4, 2018

New Ethereum Security Issues Reported

A new report has outlined certain security risks in the Ethereum smart contracts system, which may lead to endangering the entire foundation of the concept. With this in mind, the report explored the “lack of diversity,” which has been cited as a possible problem for a while now.

Ethereum’s Inherent Security Problems

According to a new reporting called Analyzing Ethereum’s Contract Topology, the tech was cited as highly vulnerable as it was easily exposed to a variety of lurking dangers from its so-called lack of variety. The authors of the report outlined a disconcerting future for the entire technology and the underpinning mechanism of it.

According to the research [...]

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October 28, 2018

Coinbase Employees Upset over Lay-offs

Amid the recent scandals involving crypto-exchanges, Coinbase is back in the news. The company has decided to cut 15 jobs, which has prompted swift action on the part of employees who are now demanding for compensations or outright keeping their jobs.

Coinbase Cuts 15 Employees Loose – Rumors


US-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase may be on the verge of cutting loose 15 of its employees. Following a spate of hires in 2018, adding to the total number of employees by 250, the company is now considering bidding some of these people goodbye.

The organization has now decided that some people will have to go which is quite the interesting [...]

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May 7, 2018

12 Chinese Banks Adopted Blockchain in 2017

China may have been overfond of cryptocurrency, especially when they go beyond the country’s firm grasp. However,r it seems like the country has been quite readily preparing for a future in which cryptocurrencies could play a major part.

We know for a fact that China is now preparing to enter the digital revolution with a centralized and digitalized economy, which will allow it to be at the forefront of the world when it comes to managing financial transaction.

Utilizing the power of blockchain, the country will use this innovation to introduce its own digital sovereign money and use it for everyday exchanges. If this idea cottons on and launches in earnest, the [...]

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May 4, 2018

MasterCard register mild slump in crypto operations

Cryptocurrencies have promised to revolutionize a lot of industries, and not always in a good way, some estimate. MasterCard has announced that it has become the latest victim of cryptocurrencies. Because of the misled frenzy of investments over the past twelve months, the company’s quarterly growth has been affected, MasterCard announced.

During its earnings call, the company reported that cross-border volumes continued to grow, reaching 19%, but that was still 2% lower than a quarter before, owing to the omnipresence of dubious cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

More specifically, fewer people bought these digital assets with MasterCard’s credit [...]

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