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Coinbase Adds 50 New Cryptocurrencies in an Expansion Bid
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October 8, 2018

Embracing Blockchain – A Security Solution for the Present & Future

Blockchain is more than a fad. The technology’s incredibly resilience and formidable functionality has allowed many businesses to now look at the future full of hope. Simple as it is, blockchain offers quick solutions to complex problems. How do you transfer goods around the world when so many systems are involved? How do you know that a transaction has been successfully concluded?

Well, it all boils down to blockchain. This automated public ledger is indeed quite the solution, as it allows for swift way of dealing with all the necessary redtape. Moreover, the system can prove a real boon to any business that is indeed trying to bolster up its own facilities and online [...]

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February 28, 2018

Guide to Buying the Right Gear: Hack Me If You Are Smart

With the safety concerns about cryptocurrencies these days, we have been long overdue to introduce smart devices that will target the segment exclusively. You will see your smartphones and tablets come with a “Safe to Hold Crypto” these days and that is not a chance occurrence.

Think of how fraught the crypto market has been in these past few markets. We have shared our thoughts on how to stay safe when it comes to managing your own assets, and there is perhaps quite a bit you can do. Now, companies are actually introducing hardware that will be impenetrable to the forays of ill-meaning third parties.

Enter the new revamped smartphone that will bolster the security of [...]

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