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Bitcoin’s Drop Continues, Maltese Celebrities are Implicated in Crypto Fraud
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December 8, 2018

Coinbase Adds 50 New Cryptocurrencies in an Expansion Bid

Bitcoin has had its ups and downs these past few weeks. The cryptocurrency fell to staggering lows which sent scares well across the market with people dumping precious Bitcoin and the whales greedily lapping it up. The downward spiral has been one’s man loss and another’s gain.

Coinbase Endorses Even More Cryptocurrencies


And so, amid the scares sent well across the market, Coinbase is nowhere near giving up on cryptocurrencies just yet. The institution is committed to bringing around reliable solutions for its crypto-minded users. And as a result, XRP fans will get to enjoy the token being traded on one of the largest exchanges for digital assets in the [...]

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March 21, 2018

Cryptocurrencies around the World

One regulator to disunite them all. The complicated world of cryptocurrencies has just become even more complicated as we speak about it. The truth is that every country has decided to act on its own in meting out its own sort of rough justice where cryptocurrencies are concerned. Every country is quite pleased to monitor, control, and regulate cryptocurrencies as they see fit. Rules vary significantly and we ought to know how to navigate the tricky local landscape.


When it comes to crypto trading, the hotbeds for similar activities are usually regions where people tend to be tech savvy and know a thing or two about digital money. If we take a closer look at South Korea [...]

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March 15, 2018

How Regulation May Not Be As Bad as Thought

We have been talking about regulation en masse. It is true that many regulatory bodies have intensified their efforts to bring in meaningful regulation in the world and it is quite understandable why this should be the norm. With this in mind, you will soon find yourself at the forefront of regulation breathing down your neck. However, a silver lining could be the fact that IRS and SEC may not be so hostile towards cryptocurrencies and their owners after all.

The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been slowly making its way to regulatory oversight. It has been digging into the dealings of private investors and how taxation should take place when it comes to [...]

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March 8, 2018

Cryptocurrencies’ Latest Dip in Value, the Why

Recent months have been fraught for everyone, but even more so cryptocurrencies. The sector is agog with change and it is likely to endure even more profound changes as regulators around the world use security cracks as a rallying crack for investors and national governments to take a hardliner stance on the chunks of digital gold.

It is the 8th of March 2018, and Bitcoin’s price has been falling all throughout the week with the value of its fellow cryptocurrencies dipping as well. WorldCoinIndex noted that the price of a single bitcoin hit $9,757, a still respectable sum but an 8.6% loss in merely 24 hours.

This even did not occur independently of any real-world [...]

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