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China Clamps Down on Gambling, Gets $1.5 billion Bitcoin
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June 24, 2018

Fluzcoin – A Possible Future for Crypto

Blockchain technology is slated to transform the world in many great ways. You will notice that these changes are becoming less imaginary and more grounded in hard facts. The blockchain innovation continued to grow throughout 2017 and all indications seem to favour expansion in 2018. Blockchain has been responsible for slashing costs across a multitude of fields. And so, now that traditional trade mechanism is being changed, we ought to ask ourselves what blockchain can do for our business.

The latest arrival in the field of cryptocurrency is Fluzcoin, which aims to solve all the problems that cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing. It is, by any measure, quite the [...]

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May 27, 2018

China Dovish on Blockchain, Hawkish on Cryptocurrencies

China has kept a relatively hawkish stance on cryptocurrencies, refusing to give up the power to a digital asset that would completely undermine the rule of the party. Instead, the country has focused on working around cryptocurrencies by banning them flat-out. However, China has been prescient enough and in its attempts to extricate itself from the current financial order, the country has sought ways to completely overhaul the established financial order instead. The upshot is quite telling. Today China spearheads the digital revolution completely unabashed.

The Chinese Status Quo


China has been toying with the idea of bringing around a digital revolution for a [...]

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May 12, 2018

EOS May Be a Reliable Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies come and go, quite literally at that. Now a new breakaway from the pack may be shaping up. Enter EOS, one of the majority’s funnest cryptocurencies to enter the fray for digital recognition.

The digital coin was launched back in 2017 when little suggested that it may explode in the way of profitability and generate a significant uptick. With Coindesk predicting a similar future for the coin, though, now more experts than ever are focusing on what EOS may bring the world of crypto and investors are now exploring all the possibility.

Speaking of EOS Highs


Let us first examine the price tag there. EOS may have started moderately, but it has [...]

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May 11, 2018

Bank of America: Cryptocurrencies May Be Trouble

Cryptocurrencies are slated to be a big deal in the future of how America runs its day to day transactions. This may, of course, prove elusive. However, Bank of America Chief Technology Officer Cathy Bessant finds it a bit difficult to believe that cryptocurrencies may enter the mainstream without too much trouble.

What bothers Bessant?


Bessant estimates that the lack of ‘transparency’ is the main issue with investing too readily into cryptocurrencies. The lack of a regulatory network is certainly disconcerting for a number of reasons. Let us start simple. The inability to trace digital assets is the first and most important red flag that industry players are [...]

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