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Coinbase Adds 50 New Cryptocurrencies in an Expansion Bid
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December 8, 2018

Coinbase Adds 50 New Cryptocurrencies in an Expansion Bid

Bitcoin has had its ups and downs these past few weeks. The cryptocurrency fell to staggering lows which sent scares well across the market with people dumping precious Bitcoin and the whales greedily lapping it up. The downward spiral has been one’s man loss and another’s gain.

Coinbase Endorses Even More Cryptocurrencies


And so, amid the scares sent well across the market, Coinbase is nowhere near giving up on cryptocurrencies just yet. The institution is committed to bringing around reliable solutions for its crypto-minded users. And as a result, XRP fans will get to enjoy the token being traded on one of the largest exchanges for digital assets in the [...]

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October 28, 2018

Coinbase Employees Upset over Lay-offs

Amid the recent scandals involving crypto-exchanges, Coinbase is back in the news. The company has decided to cut 15 jobs, which has prompted swift action on the part of employees who are now demanding for compensations or outright keeping their jobs.

Coinbase Cuts 15 Employees Loose – Rumors


US-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase may be on the verge of cutting loose 15 of its employees. Following a spate of hires in 2018, adding to the total number of employees by 250, the company is now considering bidding some of these people goodbye.

The organization has now decided that some people will have to go which is quite the interesting [...]

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Coinbase Employees Upset over Lay-offs
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