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Regional News: Poland’s 5 March Cryptocurrency Pow-Wow

Regional News: Poland’s 5 March Cryptocurrency Pow-Wow

by John M.March 4, 2018

We have been talking about cryptocurrencies taking to the East and West, with just a few mentions of central banks across Europe trying to stave off the advance of illicit money. Now is time to deliver some regional news. Enter Poland, an unlikely destination for booming crypto trade.

On Monday, 5 March, Warsaw, Poland will host its Wicked Crypto meetup series. Vit Jedlcka, president of Liberland, and Kamil Przeorski from Experty.ico, will visit the event. The pair will discuss successful crypto projects.

This will be the third meeting of the series, which will dwell on important aspects such as blockchain and how it can be implemented in various areas. After the official panel, speakers will be invited to a bar where a round of less formal talks will take place.

Vit Jedlcka is member of the Libertarian Party of Free Citizens and he is collaborating with non-government organizations, which are looking to advance the cause of cryptocurrencies. Mr Jedlcka has obtained his master’s degree from the CEVRO Institute back in 2014. He moved on to form the Free Republic of Liberland community on 13 April 2015.

Up until now, half a million people have applied for citizenship. The other speaker, Mr Przeorski is Expetry team’s leader. He is intimately familiar with blockchain and how it is likely to change all aspects of our everyday operations.

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