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Vitalik Buterin Says ‘No’ to Aging, Donates $2.4 Million in Ether to SENS Research Foundation

Vitalik Buterin Says ‘No’ to Aging, Donates $2.4 Million in Ether to SENS Research Foundation

by John M.February 4, 2018

Cryptocurrencies are just the means. You can use them to do good, or you can use them to do ill.

Nobody has really considered that these chunks of digital money can actually be put to some good use. But then again, why would they not? So far considered quasi-money, cryptocurrencies have long been known to support the efforts of various charities and research organizations to push their studies further.

Admittedly, the recipients of this largesse have mostly been involved with the cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Up until now.

The SENS Research Foundation has received a generous donation worth Ether $2.4 million from Vitalik Buterin.

SENS Research Foundation is a charity funding which focuses on tackling age-related diseases. As it is, this donation has put a fresh wrinkle in the fight against a cohort of diseases.

The Foundation was established with the help of Aubrey de Grey who has set out on an exciting quest to expand the human’s lifespan beyond what has been previously though possible.

Now Mr De Grey has more money, be that in virtual ones, to spend and that is just great news for anyone who puts their faith in rejuvenate therapies.

Mr De Grey must have a real fan in the face of Mr Buterin, because upon donating, Mr Buterin did not miss to note that he was fond of the theories Mr De Grey has posited. In fact, Mr Buterin has been an avid follower of the field as early as his childhood.

Mr Buterin’s statement also feature a part where he expressed his gratitude to have been able to support the cause undertaken by the SENS Research Foundation.

Certainly, age-induced ailments are among the most serious existential threat we as humans face on everyday level. However, the advancement in the field of rejuvenate medicine have been making quite the dent in the onset of early diseases.

More interestingly still, the Research Foundation has done a great deal of fund rising in the cryptocurrencies’ world. Earlier in December 2017, SENSE received $2 million in Bitcoin, which goes to show that more investors are going to splurge out on promising causes with not so conventional payment methods.

A Future Of Cryptocurrency Largesse?

We have established that cryptocurrencies are often used for seedy undertakings. Could the opposite also be true though? With mounting regulations across key markets, a more in-the-spotlight use of various crypto assets may become the norm.

If Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, along with the fraternity of spin-offs manage to step away from the darkness and into the bright light of legality, there is a good chance research initiatives would be on the receiving end of generosity.

We should not rule out entirely the idea of investors choosing to back a cause anonymously through cryptocurrencies in the hopes of supporting a cherished cause without disclosing too much personal information.

Can a legal use of cryptocurrencies help them?

If we see that cryptocurrencies go more in the way of everyday people and back noble causes, is it just possible that legislation and scrutiny will let up?

We don’t think so. If anything, you will need to be ever more vigilant about the future. Seedy characters are lurking at the fringes of the cryptocurrency world, looking for a chink in the armour so that they may wreak devastating effects.

Our governments and everyday users will have to hoist the banner of legality and be willing to concede to certain restrictions in order to ensure the security of the field as a whole. It is not an easy undertaking, but it is one that is well worth our time and so we should continue to commit to the cryptocurrency world.

If Mr De Grey succeeds, we may just have sufficient time to bring about all the change we want.

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